Frequently Asked Questions

What is non-medical home care?

Non-medical care can best be described as assistance with activities of daily living, the common things that a healthy person would do for him/herself on a daily basis. This would include personal care (bathing, dressing, and help with the bathroom), light housekeeping, laundry, linen changes, meal preparation, transportation, running errands and medication reminders. It also consists of things like supervision and companionship.

Who can receive non-medical home care?

Individuals of all ages and with a variety of personal care needs can receive non-medical home care services e.g. seniors, bed ridden expectant mothers, disabled, the sick etc. If you feel that you or a loved one may benefit from home care, we are only a phone call away. A member of our experienced staff can meet for an assessment to determine if home care is right for you.

Can we arrange for occasional transportation to doctors' appointments?

Transportation, especially to medical appointments and procedures is a popular home care service. It can often be arranged in a few hours, but the more notice given is always better. It is best, if possible, to give us 24 hours notice. This allows us to meet with the person ahead of time so that he or she knows what to expect and feels comfortable with the whole process. A regular planned schedule can be set up, or the caregiver can be used on an "as needed" basis.

Do you provide private care for someone in an assisted living facility?

Yes, we do. We first arrange a meeting with the family to conduct a thorough assessment and develop a plan of care. This is not only to fully understand what activities you would like to have completed for your loved one, but also to get a sense of what kind of personality might best suit him or her. After this is completed, we will match the person with the right caregiver. If at any time you would like to change your caregiver, this can easily be arranged.

Where do we get information on home care for veterans and their spouses?

This is a great question because veteran's benefits are severely under used. Contact your local VA to learn more about the "Aid and Attendance" program. There are also several non-profits that work with veterans to process their claims. VA benefits are not automatically given; they must be applied for, and recipients must meet certain requirements. For more information, please see our "Payment Options" tab.

How often are we billed, and is there a deposit?

An upfront deposit is required before home care services are rendered, generally covering about two weeks of service. The deposit will be refunded at the end of your relationship with our agency if all invoices have been paid. You will be charged on a semi-monthly basis. No long term contract is required, allowing maximum flexibility as needs change.

What happens if my mom or dad has some sort of medical emergency?

911 is immediately called in the event of a medical emergency. There is an emergency preparedness procedure that every caregiver is trained on when hired, with annual training updates. We also ask the family to post a list of emergency numbers by the phone and put them in the order that they should be called. 911 would usually be the first call if it is a true emergency.

How can I check the quality of care from caregivers?

Try to be involved in your loved one's care. Get to know the caregivers and the supervisors providing and managing the care. If you see anything in the home that concerns you, report it immediately no matter how insignificant your observation may seem. Try to visit frequently to get a true understanding of what is occurring on a daily basis. The supervisor will do unscheduled supervisory visits, an important aspect of quality assurance. Lastly, we provide a Patient Satisfaction Survey form.

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